East Ayrshire Club Championship

Our top award, aimed at the all-rounder, covers all competitive events run by EACC. Your best 6 scores over the year count towards the Championship, but to be counted in the final results you must also have marshalled (or organised) at least 1 event of a different type. The points system will be on the basis of 6 points for a Class win, 5 for second place, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth and 1 for sixth. The event you marshal on will count as 4 points. The Galloway Hills & Kames Trophy Rallies each count as 2 events (although not for marshals) so points scored on the rallies will be doubled. On Rallies a navigator scores the same as the driver. So you could do for instance 2 Sprints, 2 Grasstests and the Galloway Hills Rally then Marshal on another Sprint, or do all 9 Grasstests and Marshal on the Kames Trophy. You must enter the events as an EACC member for results to count.

This should open the Championship up to a wide range of potential winners! In 2002 the winner surprisingly wasn’t a sprint or rally driver, but Stevie Graham who got his points from navigating on the 2 Rallies, competing at Grass Autotests and as Chief Marshal he was at all the Sprints although only the one counted towards the championship.

The EACC Committee’s decision is final in any dispute over the interpretation of these rules for any EACC event.